Founded in 2002, the flourishing Chateau Domingue has become one of the premier importers of reclaimed and aged architectural elements and monumental antiques in the United States. Proprietor Ruth Gay traverses "roads less traveled" throughout Europe several times a year, unearthing beautiful finds from ages past. Her love of European history and architecture has made her a visionary in the industry.

Since opening its doors, Chateau Domingue's "warehouse" has grown from 5,000 square feet to a respectable 15,000 square feet, spilling acrosss the grounds surrounding the showroom. Chateau Domingue is filled with architectural and monumental antiques from the 15th through the 19th centuries, reclaimed and aged French limestone flooring, and architectural elements such as stone surrounds, and enormous doors and gates.

If you are looking for something unusual, rare and exquisite, look no further than Chateau Domingue.
Monday through Friday 9 - 5
Saturday 10 - 5 or by Appointment

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Chateau Domingue greatly appreciates the design professionals and homeowners who gracefully opened their homes for us to capture their incredible style for out site.

Eleanor Cummings, Shelley Melody, Pam Pierce

Martha Melody, Kellie Hepper, Kathy Lehne
  We would also like to extend our gratitude to the photographers who captured the true essence fo our vision

Kennon Evett, Tria Giovan, John Hall, Terry Vine

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