We offer Antique Doors for sale in Houston TX and can ship your architectural antiques worldwide from our local showroom and warehouse. Our inventory of Doors is the largest and most authentic in the United States. If you're looking for a specific style of Antique Doors that you do not see in our Architectural Antiques inventory, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to let you know when we receive something similar to what you seek. We appreciate you visiting Chateau Domingue, one of the premier importers of reclaimed Architectural Antiques in the United States.

17th c. Walnut and Poplar Doors

± 101H x 46W x 1.25D

ITEM # 12314-33

Set of two 18th c. Italian Doors

± 96H x 52.5W x 2.5D

ITEM # 12314-32

2 Pairs of 18th c. Communication Doors from a Maison de Mait...

± 86.75H x 52W x 1.25D

ITEM # 12351-110a

Pair of 18th c. Communication Doors from a Maison de Maitre

± 89.25H x 51.5W x 1.25D

ITEM # 12351-110b

Pair of 18th c. Communication Doors from Uzes, France

± 85.25H x 52W x 1.25D

ITEM # 12351-110e

Pair 19th c. Doors from a Hacienda in Mexico

± 99H x 79W x 8.5D

ITEM # 6825-1 L

2 Pairs of 18th c. Cabinet Doors from Beziers

± 74.5H x 39W x 1.25D

ITEM # 11409-16

Pair of Tall 18th c. Walnut Umbrian Doors

± 106.25H x 42W x 1.25D

ITEM # 12314-36

Pairs of Antique, Reclaimed Windows from Sisteron

± 122H x 56W x .75D

ITEM # 12063-200

2 pair 18th c. Spanish Doors with Frame

± 84.25H x 31.75W x 3D

ITEM # 6411-84

18th c. Regence Door from a Maison de Maitre in Bordeaux, Fr...

± 78H x 34.25W x 1.5D

ITEM # 10602-90e

18th c. Glass Door from Provence

± 88.5H x 36W x 1.25D

ITEM # 11260-219

Set of 2 Early 18th c. Glass Doors from Lyon

± 76H x 29.75W x 1D

ITEM # 11462-4

Pair of 18th c. Entrance Doors from a town in the Rhone-Alpe...

± 52.25W x 2D

ITEM # 11693-40

18th c. Door from a Maison de Ville

± 32.75W x 1.25D

ITEM # 11780-33

Pair of 18th c. Doors from Bologna

± 88H x 46.5W x 3D

ITEM # 11858-129

Pair of Early 19th c. Entrance Doors

± 112H x 68W x 2.5D

ITEM # 10312-101

Pair of 19th c. French Doors

± 114.25H x 56.75W x 1.25D

ITEM # 11832-87

Pair Reclaimed 17th c. Doors

± 85.75H x 55W x 2.5D

ITEM # 11649-86

19th c. French Door

± 90H x 45W90H

ITEM # 10375-120a

17th c. Lacquered Door

± 78.25H x 35.5W x 1.5D

ITEM # 10606-103

Pair 18th c. Entrance Doors from a Casa di Campagna

± 129.25H x 72W x 2D

ITEM # 11299-26

Pair of 18th c. Entrance Doors

± 81.25H x 44W x 2D

ITEM # 11408-15

Pair 18th c. Doors

± 116.75H x 49W x 2D

ITEM # 11684-160

Late 18th c. Rural Tuscan Door

± 81H x 36W x 1.25D

ITEM # 11297-11b

18th c. "Porte de Boiserie"

± 89.25H x 47W x 2.75D

ITEM # 4733-41

Late 17th c. Entrance Doors

± 88.5H x 55.25W88.5H

ITEM # 4785-140

17th c. Walnut Entrance Door

± 80.25H x 42W x 1D

ITEM # 10606-105

Pair 18th c. Doors from the Umbrian Region

± 101.5H x 41.75W x 1.25D

ITEM # 11648-83c

Pair of 18th c. Cabinet Doors

± 64.5H x 42W x 1.75D

ITEM # 1120-189

17th c. Italian Entrance Door

± 99.5H x 44.5W x 2.5D

ITEM # 1856-79

18th c. Door with Frame

± 83.75H x 43.5W x 3D

ITEM # 6202-2

Pair Small 18th c. Doors

± 72H x 54.5W72H

ITEM # 6236-82

18th c. Door in Frame

± 98.5H x 47W x 2.5D

ITEM # 6240-97c

18th c. Provencal Porte Tierce

± 91.5H x 29.5W x 3D

ITEM # 6308-12

18th c. Door

± 65H x 30W65H

ITEM # 6425-98

Pair 18th c. Entrance Doors from Dordogne

± 86.5H x 52.25W x 2D

ITEM # 8124-103

19th c. Door with Surround

± 119H x 34.5W119H

ITEM # 10038-47b

Pair 18th c. Venetian Doors

± 81.5H x 36.75W81.5H

ITEM # 10049-65

Pair Late 17th c. Doors

± 84H x 49.5W84H

ITEM # 10050-71

Pair 18th c. Doors with Transome

± 113H x 57W113H

ITEM # 10075-147

Pair 18th c. Mulberry Wood Doors

± 86H x 45W86H

ITEM # 10290-52

19th c. Entrance Door from a Belgian Village

± 109.25H x 59.5W x 3.25D

ITEM # 10379-135

Pair 18th c. Porte d'Entree

± 112H x 61.5W x 1.5D

ITEM # 10401-22

Pair 17th c. Cabinet Doors

± 54H x 52.75W x 1.5D

ITEM # 11097-77

Pair of 18th c. Doors

± 120H x 120W x 2.5D

ITEM # 11455-91ad

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