We offer Antique Accessories for sale in Houston TX and can ship your architectural antiques worldwide from our local showroom and warehouse. Our inventory of Accessories is the largest and most authentic in the United States. If you're looking for a specific style of Antique Accessories that you do not see in our Architectural Antiques inventory, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to let you know when we receive something similar to what you seek. We appreciate you visiting Chateau Domingue, one of the premier importers of reclaimed Architectural Antiques in the United States.

Large 18th c. Italian Picture Frame

OAD: ± x 57H49W x 3D

ITEM # 12143-102

18th c. Boites de Pharmacie

OAD: ± x 5.75H8.25W x 13D

ITEM # 11879-181

18th c. French Wooden Console

OAD: ± 19W x 10.25D

ITEM # 6358-3

17th c French Leather Coffer

OAD: ± x 10H20.25W x 13D

ITEM # 11566-57

Pair 18th c. Ciel de Lis

OAD: ± x 3.5H41W x 30D

ITEM # 10778-164

Antique Toile Painted Frame

OAD: ± x 35H51W x .75D

ITEM # 11237-178

18th c. Faience Platter from Moustiers, France

OAD: ± 9.25W

ITEM # 11512-91

18th c. Faience Apothecary Jar

OAD: ± 9H x 4.75D

ITEM # 11632-47

16th c Jardiniere from France

OAD: ± 18H x 19.5D

ITEM # 12099-17

Pair of 18th c. Italian Wooden Pot au Feu

OAD: ± 12.5W x 9D

ITEM # 12136-89

19th c. "Objets de Bibliothèque"

OAD: ± x 11H10.5W x 3.75D

ITEM # 11800-41

Indian Water Jugs

OAD: ± 11.25H x 15D

ITEM # 11990-28

Antique African Wooden Loubka

OAD: ± x 19H13.5W19H

ITEM # 11631-45

French Walnut Wall Console

OAD: ± 22.75W x 10D

ITEM # 11019-117

17th c. "Blasson de Chateau"

OAD: ± x 47H39W x 18D

ITEM # 11863-146

18th c. Italian Faience Plate

OAD: ± x 1.75H15W x 15D

ITEM # 11574-74

Pair 18th c. Italian Angels

OAD: ± x 18H21W x 6.5D

ITEM # 11713-84

18th c. Painted Panel from a Library Boiserie in Toulouse

OAD: ± x 74.5H50W x .75D

ITEM # 11700-54

19th c. Limoges Set (49 pcs.)

OAD: ±

ITEM # 4392-200

17th c. Spanish Carved Saint

OAD: ± x 43.5H17W x 8.5D

ITEM # 5930-101

Late 17th c. Italian Saint

OAD: ± x 45H15W x 12D

ITEM # 6272-154

19th c. Meat Hook

OAD: ± 28H x 24D

ITEM # 10116-214

17th c. Italian Frame

OAD: ± x 48H42W x 3.5D

ITEM # 10704-29

Pair 17th c. Corbeaux

OAD: ± x 14H7W x 7D

ITEM # 10912-77

Painted Wooden Panel, c. 1800

OAD: ± x 55H31.25W x .75D

ITEM # 11312-45

Pair of 17th c. Tuscan Frames

OAD: ± x 74.5H65.75W x 2.75D

ITEM # 11497-64

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